Choose & Cut Christmas Trees
 55A Primrose Road

Hardwick, N.J.  07825

(908) 377-0111 or (973) 945-4725

​Open Thanksgiving Weekend  (Fri, ​​Sat & Sun)
Nov 29th, 30th & Dec 1st​
​Saturday & Sunday
Dec 7th & 8th
Dec 14th & 15th​

Refreshments Available!
Cash or Checks only​​

Welcome to Kingfisher Farm where you can start your Christmas Season with a beautiful   DOUGLAS FIR, FRASER FIR, CONCOLOR FIR, BLUE SPRUCE,

​Setting  out  to  find  the  perfect  Christmas  tree  is  a  
  wonderful  experience  in  which  beautiful  memories  are  made  with  family  and  friends. 

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*  Take measurements of the ceiling height and width of the space for your tree. 

* Cutting the end off the tree is important when tree has been cut for over 1 hour.  Make a straight cut taking about one inch off the base of the
tree and  immediately place in water.

*  Place the tree in a large stand that can hold at least  a gallon of water. You should expect the tree to drink additional water. Water the tree until water intake stops.

*  Always keep the base of the tree in water. If the base dries out, the tree will not be able to absorb water and will dry out quickly.  Aspirin, sugar and/or other additives added to the water are not necessary. Tap water will keep a tree fresh.   

*  Check for worn electrical cords and always unplug at night. Always use UL approved electrical decorations. Using miniature lights produce less heat and reduce the drying effect on the tree.

*  Fresh cut trees should last four to five weeks before drying out if properly cared for. Some species keep their needles longer that others. 

Directions:  Route 80 to Exit 12 to 521 North, right onto Route 94 North to Marksboro, left onto Spring Valley Rd, right onto Primrose Rd